The team in Rennes.

When you scroll through your newsfeed, what jumps out to you? What are you drawn to? 75% of internet traffic is video. That is huge. The top three visited sites worldwide, Google, Youtube and Facebook, have video as a clear common denominator. We've been involved with sharing the gospel online in France since 2003. Now, if I were a car manufacturer watching traffic pass by and I noted that three of every four vehicles was a truck, I'd be easily convinced to make more trucks. That's exactly the direction I'm heading in sharing the gospel online. We need to improve our connection with users on the internet, and that means creating video. This is my new role going forward with Cru, which fits hand in hand with the years of experience I have with internet evangelism. My desire is to create videos that will further the gospel both in France and worldwide. Because of their flexibility and translatability, animated videos are where I would like to focus. This will require some training, and I admit that acquiring these skills could look daunting. But this is combining so many parts of my being: my experience in evangelism, my artistic side, and my technical skills. I haven't been this excited in a long time. Lord willing, this adventure will lead to animated videos that get people thinking, draw them to our sites, and create connections with the Body of Christ. Connections are what change lives, and we want to meet them where they are - watching videos. Because the focus goes beyond campus ministry, this also means I will be moving from the campus team to the technology team. Yes, the same team as May. By the way, this month we celebrate 21 years of marriage!

Efrem playing for his flute exam.
Efrem playing a Godard and Stamitz for his flute exam.
Swinging at the baseball tournament.


  • for Efrem's progress and talent for flute.

Please pray

  • that we find an affordable location in Paris to host a hackathon weekend in October, suitable for at least 30 participants and having great internet.
  • for safe travels back to the States this month.
  • that we can find a vehicle to use during the week we'll be in the Twin Cities (Aug. 21-27).
Silas in long grass.
Silas testing his anti-hay fever treatments!

Some people make things look easy. Last week Efrem took a test to pass into the third level of the conservatory. Waiting outside the room we listened to an older student complain about having to go right after Efrem. He was the only student to memorize his songs, and he took the test after just two years instead of the standard three to five. He passed! The judges couldn't praise him enough. Surprised at his talent at such a young age, they called him gifted, an "extra-terrestrial" on the flute, a rarity. He makes it look so easy they asked him if he is ever challenged. He is, of course. He works pretty hard, but not so hard that he doesn't have time for baseball or jogging in the mornings with his mom. Efrem is a very well rounded 13 year old. We don't know where his flute might take him, but for now he really loves to play and we love to hear him. You can visit our YouTube channel and hear him too!

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