Tech Team.

The French technology team is growing! Next to May in the photo is Geneviève. She joined the team last year, giving much needed reinforcement to their content management. When the tech firm Geneviève worked for shut down, she wanted to employ her skills for God’s kingdom. She has greatly increased their capacity. Living near the Paris office, she usually works from there and joins the team remotely, accompanied by her dog - Braise.

Do you know what a hackathon is? If breaking into computers comes to mind, the term has evolved significantly. A hack is simply a solution to a problem (think life-hack). And a hackathon is when a group of people work together for a short, intense period to help solve a problem. For these events Christian organizations present projects they need help on. There will be 20-30 teams gathered in cities all around the world making giant leaps forward for them. 263 projects have been collaborated on so far; programmers have found a wonderful mission field! May participated in a hackathon last October in the Netherlands. We reported on that virtual reality project last November. This October, May is organizing the first hackathon in France. We’re praying for at least 30 participants.

May is still looking for an affordable, easily accessible location in the Paris area to host the hackathon weekend. It also needs to have great internet access. Please pray for that! We need to find funds for meals, snacks, coffee, thank-you gifts and the venue. The participants pay for their travel and offer their time, so we want to take good care of them. Want to sponsor a meal or snack for the hackathon team? You can give through the French Technology Team on Cru’s giving site ( Thanks for helping us use technology to further the gospel!

National Mall.
Enjoying the monuments and memorials on the National Mall.
Lincoln Monument.
World War II Monument.
Arm Wrestling.

Arm wrestling at the café in the Senate office building!


  • for safe travels and time with friends and family.
  • that we found a vehicle for our time in MN (Aug. 21-27).

Please pray

  • for a suitable location for the hackathon in Oct.
  • that we're able to connect with as many as possible during our whirlwind visit in the States.

We are currently in Billings, MT, visiting family, friends and churches. We would love to see you if you if possible.

  • July 15-16 at Faith Evangelical Church
  • July 23 at Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • August 26-27 at Woodland Hills Church, Saint Paul, MN

On our way, we took some vacation and visited Washington DC as a family. It was a great experience to share, having not seen the capital before. We were graciously hosted by our dear friends the Georges - thanks! We not only toured Kennedy Center, the mall and capital, but we saw the top hat Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated, the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner, and George Washington's dentures

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