La Lumiere
February, 2018
Visiting Ronda Spain during the mid-year conference.

"How can you really believe in the existence of God or of Jesus Christ? I doubt the veracity of any religion. Do we have any concrete proof?"

"How is it possible to be born of a virgin?"

"In the midst of failure and frustration, sometimes I think I can’t be accepted by God."

"Yes, Jesus can use me to tell others about him!"

"What is God doing in my life? If I could shout loud enough for the world to hear I would. He [God] is simply wonderful because he’s providing beyond my expectations. I’m very thankful."

This is a sample of some of the emails I’ve received through our evangelism and discipleship websites. These conversations are divine appointments! God is connecting me with people who are seeking him or are passionate about growing in their faith. The last quote is from a young college student who was living with an older man who supported her financially. I encouraged her to trust in God to provide and leave that relationship. How often are we afraid of the consequences, even when we know the right choice? God rewards our faith! To bring this full circle, the first quote comes from a man I’ve exchanged 45 emails with. Take a moment to reread what he wrote, can you see beyond the doubt to the hope lingering there? In spite of what seem to be strong opinions, he was very open. Here is a snippet of a more recent email from him -

"Considering everything I know, I can say that the Bible is true, the old and new testaments. His son Jesus took over from the old testament. He is God!"

Amen! What a joy it has been to accompany him on his journey.

Thanks to a colleague at Cru running Google ads, monthly traffic to has increased to over 100,000 visitors per month. More and more French speakers are hearing the gospel! The email series we offer continues to grow too. Right now, there are 394 people receiving emails which either challenge them to believe or mature in their faith. This is increasing the number of emails I receive significantly. That’s exciting, but also heavy on my time. Here’s one last email I found encouraging.

"I just wrote a friend concerning my doubts about faith. Then I prayed God would bring me back like a pastor would his dispersed flock. Then I went to read the newspaper on my ipad. Between two articles, I saw this article about Jesus. It’s clearly a nod from Jesus telling me not to be discouraged."

Cliffs of Ronda.

Ronda was built on cliffs and connected by this bridge.

May and Suzy

May connected with her good friend Suzy.

Selfie by the beach.


  • for a refreshing and resourcing time in Spain.

Please pray

  • for the Lord to work in people’s lives, even online.
  • that May’s team would make encouraging progress on their web site projects.
  • for Silas as he researches colleges.

For the first time in 15 years we attended the mid-year conference in Malaga Spain. It was refreshing being reminded of our calling, especially focusing on who has called us. A friend from church stayed with the boys while we were away.

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