A moment of sun.

I've been helping the Workmans for over a decade, my name is Samsonite, and I'm afraid I might never get home. I accompanied May to Orlando where she attended an IT conference with technology leaders from all around the globe. There were suitcases from fifteen different countries! The other suitcase owners talked about technology subjects like internet traffic and how to make sure people's data is secure. It's good to network and hear what everyone is working on, their weaknesses and strengths. We stayed there for a week, then we traveled back to France hoping to meet up with the rest of the family at the French national staff conference. If everything went according to plan, we would have arrived together in Vogüé, south of Lyon. This is where the narrative shifts from we to I, because I'm lost! May had to spend a week without any of the clothes, running shoes, or toiletries that I'm carrying. I also have quite a bit of Starbucks coffee that she was looking forward to enjoying. I sincerely hope the airline finds me, even after three weeks. Replacing me and everything I have with me will be time consuming and expensive!

Global Technology Leaders

May with Cru technology leaders from across the globe.

Please pray

  • for the Lord to build the house, that we depend fully on him.
  • for solid progress on France's giving site.
  • for good communication and inspiration for the scripts and storyboards Dan is working on.
Psalms 127

Speaking at the French national staff conference.

Worship Band.

Participating in the worship band.


This year's staff conference held some surprises. Aside from May's suitcase being lost, there was quite a bit of snow, which is rare for that region. The usual leader of the worship team couldn't attend this year, so Dan was put in charge of making sure a worship team was assembled. He recruited a music student named Pablo who we know from church to coordinate and lead worship. Pablo stepped up and did a great job! As a long time part of the worship team, Dan coached him through some particularities and gave advice on how to be well organized. Pablo has been hoping to gain exactly this kind of experience, and Agapé France was very blessed by his contribution. Dan played bass, Silas the violin, and Efrem, flute. It was a lot of fun. We always enjoy seeing our colleagues. They have become like an extended family. May was asked to give a short devotion in front of everyone. As tempted as she was to talk technology, she approached it from a different angle, Psalm 127. Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. May deftly compared the technology solutions she develops to a house that needs renovation. This is how the Lord has been speaking to her lately as she leads the technology team. She took the opportunity to challenge us all to consider whether we're working with the Lord or on our own. It was a great reminder that everything is spiritual work, whether it's programming or leading a team or having spiritual conversations.

So, what is the Lord building in your life right now? What would be impossible without his help?

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