La Lumiere
January, 2020
Galleries Lafayette

Cru is a good sized organization, with projects in 173 nations around the world. That requires a lot of guiding and managing, especially in the digital realm. The Global Digital Council's job is to fly at thirty thousand feet and keep the big perspective on Cru's digital strategy and digital assets, like web sites, apps, social media accounts, as well as online services. May has been a part of this team for a year, attending meetings via video calls. But in December everyone traveled to Orlando to sit around the table and discuss technology and ministry.

May has also added a new responsibility to her plate, or should we say platter. Agapé France has accepted to share May's time so she can work on an ambitious project - developing new giving sites for additional countries based off the giving system implemented in France. She is now the technical lead working with a small team of people so the system can be standardized and duplicated with ease for any country and language. By March they should have sites for Panama and the United Kingdom open. It will be a good test, three countries and three languages. May is excited to take on this new responsibility, in part because she is so well suited; she knows the French give site forward and backward and is an astute project manager. Her work is invaluable to France, but it's exciting to soar and see the big perspective, even contributing to the needs of other countries. We truly appreciate you partnering with us in this work!

Global Digital Council

May with the Global Digital Council in Orlando.

2 Thess. 1:11

A little doodle of Dan's thoughts on prayer (2 Thess. 1:11).

Christmas in Rennes

Please pray

  • for May's work on the improvements to the give site solution.
  • that the sound insulation booth can be delivered on time.
  • that the root of the transportation strikes in France will soon be resolved.
  • for wisdom responding to emails and creativity in making a bumper video for the national staff conference.

We really appreciate your prayers for the stressful and difficult situation we have with our upstairs neighbors. From the first note played in the apartment they have gone to great lengths to express their disapproval of the boys practicing their instruments, even during the day. God is working on my heart to forgive them, so I won't go into details. This puts us in a tough position. We have ordered up an insulated sound booth that the boys can use to practice at home. Roughly 7.5 by 6 feet, with two doors and two walls with sound insulation in between, it should be an effective solution to the problem. May and I are hoping that we can still hear some of the music. They've been forced to find other places to practice (hallways and bathrooms of the Conservatory, a local church, an office space on Sunday) but we really miss hearing them play. The sound booth should be delivered at the end this month. In the mean time, Efrem played in an international flute competition held nearby, where he tied for second place for his level. He played very well, and we're proud of him. Silas had a violin recital and two choral concerts that we really enjoyed. Music remains an important part of our lives!

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