La Lumiere
October, 2020
Casting ballots in Paris.

Dan has been fielding emails from the evangelistic site for eleven years. As traffic to the site and subscriptions to the email series increase, the need to share the load is more and more evident. Since February a handful of colleagues have been helping respond to emails. Dan is planning to have video meetings with these colleagues to share experiences and respond to questions about our email conversations. His colleagues in French speaking Africa have asked for a seminar on how to respond to emails. The hopeful shift involves multiplication, from having spiritual conversations to coaching others to do so online. Agapé France is putting in place a partnership with the Mentor Ministry, a framework to manage and engage mentors in spiritual conversations online. It will first be connected with our site, then possibly questions2vie. This will scale up our ability to connect people with the digital mission field. On October 10 Dan and two colleagues shared their experience at the Regional Evangelization Day hosted by a local biblical institute. This year's theme - witnessing in the digital age, challenges and opportunities in a connected society. Dan's workshop shared important lessons learned through multiple sites and strategies during the past 17 years. There's the shift again, from gaining and employing useful experience to imparting that knowledge to others. How about you? How can you use the technology available today to have spiritual conversations? How does knowing God affect your life and what steps can you take to talk about it with your friends online?

Campus road trip.

A peak at Dan and Davis' new animation project for the Campus ministry.


Silas and Efrem helping with worship at Saint Lazare.

Le Penseur.

The Thinker by Rodin.

The animator.

Please Pray

  • for new online mentors and fruitful gospel conversations.
  • that Silas and Efrem focus well in their studies.
  • for those of our partners who have been financially affected by the covid situation.
  • that our ministry would flow from our relationship with Christ, may He always be our first love.

Cru, Campus Crusade for Christ International, has a new president, Steve Sellers. His commissioning ceremony earlier this month was truly heartwarming. The baton is being passed only the second time, and Cru's vision and mission haven't skipped a beat: to win, build and send Christ centered multipliers throughout the world. Another reminder stated quite a few times was the importance of staying centered on Christ. Bill Bright, the founder of the movement, when asked how to pray for him almost always said, "pray that I never lose my first love, for Christ." That ever deepening and sustaining relationship is the foundation of everything we do. Would you pray for Cru's new president, that he would lead out of a deep relationship with Christ? It's an important reminder for us too, Dan and May, that first and foremost we need to nurture our relationships with Christ. Please pray for us too, that our relationship with Christ will grow deeper and remain in the center of our lives?

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