La Lumiere
January, 2021
Turning 20.

The digital creations team, with me and Davis, has only been working together since September. The benefits of working as a team are already clear. We can accomplish much more with better quality. Together we created an animated video which both tells a story and highlights the accomplishments of the campus ministry by displaying the statistics they collect. We also worked together to make a new logo for the French national staff conference, one that can be reused year after year. Another project which is nearly finished is a complete graphic redesign of Agapé France's newsletter. Looking ahead there are a number of exciting projects for us. I am preparing a set of training sessions to boost our staff's video skills. The first will focus on taking good quality video using their phone: the settings, framing, lighting, and sound. Second, I will show them the basics of how to edit their videos. This training will be given over Zoom first to the Rennes team, then it will be offered to everyone during the national staff conference. Hopefully our staff will be much more confident in taking video.

RN logo

New logo for the Agapé France national staff conference.

Christmas lights.

Efrem and May enjoying the fancy Christmas decorations.


Christmas lights on the Champs Elysée.

Please Pray

  • for Silas in his studies: math, computer science, and violin.
  • that May can work effectively with the multiple teams she has.
  • for Dan and Davis as they strive to create resources that will help Agapé France staff.

Silas turns 20 this month! He's an inch and a half taller than his Dad, yet takes up considerable less mass. For his birthday he asked for his customary chocolate lava muffins. His desk is occupied as much as any in our office, the whiteboard beside it covered in math equations. Silas is pursuing a bachelor degree at the Université Paris Dauphine in math and computer science. His classes are online, but all of his exams are at school. In parallel, Silas is taking violin at the Ecole Normale de Musique, which is much nearer than Versailles where he was last year. He is still passionate about music, and we hope his path forward is full of rich melodies and harmonies. How math, computer science and music will all meld together is a problem he's still trying to solve. Patience, everything will work out. God is the supreme conductor, the universe is his philharmonic. Looking at current events with alarm, it's natural to be nervous or afraid. Let's keep our eyes on the conductor and persevere through this modern, contemporary piece. He is faithful and worthy of our trust!


Just before Christmas, in the span of a few days: our stove top blew out, a nerve issue shooting pain into his left foot sidelined Dan, and our apartment was treated by professionals for bed bugs. The latter resulted in a mountain of laundry to wash at 140°F which we're still working through. We're praying that the treatment was effective and we never experience their bites again. Sigh, it could be worse.

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