Summer flowers.

Living in Paris gives us a chance to interact with ministries we wouldn’t usually see. For example, Crescendo France is based in Paris. Crescendo is Cru’s ministry to classical musicians, also collaborating with churches for events like artistic worship services or jazz celebrations. Recently Dan filmed Marc, one of Crescendo’s directors, explaining a faith centered festival that they would like to hold in Toulouse a couple years from now. It might be hard to imagine what these events are like, which is why we’re working with Marc to create videos to help convey what they do. Being in Paris we get to see him often.

Another video Dan recently made is for Agapé Hub. This is a project at the heart of the Agapé Paris ministry where multiple teams intersect with people in the city. Agapé Paris organizes art expositions, concerts, training, student events and outings to help the homeless. All of these actions need a welcoming space to support them. Our colleague Xavier has been working diligently to find a base for our ministries in Paris, and the Lord opened up a fantastic opportunity. The owner of a 1290 square foot location designed for startup companies is donating 50% of the normal rent. They will configure it however we want, furnishings and cleaning are taken care of. They have a network of 60 other businesses who will hear all about Agapé Paris in their regular newsletter. It opens up to us at the beginning of September along with so many possibilities! Even at half price there still is a significant cost. If you find the Agapé Hub in Paris exciting you're invited to partner with us to help see it through. The video that Dan made about it is on Agapé France's YouTube channel.

Bastille Day.

An amazing July 14th photo, taken by Silas.

Small group.

Church small group Bible study.

Musical friends.

Dan with Andy and David a couple years ago.



  • for the new Agapé Hub location in Paris.
  • for opportunities to study the Bible with friends.
  • that Efrem did well on his big French exams!

Please Pray

  • for good teamwork on the Make Giving Easy project where May is the technical lead.
  • that the necessary funds can be raise for the Agapé Hub.

This past year we hosted a small group Bible study for our church, working through the gospel of John. The beginning and end were in person, and it was great to get to know the participants better over cranberry scones. The concluding study was followed by a special lunch - dombré with red beans and shrimp - prepared by the only guy wearing his mask in the picture. Another Bible study came at the request of a friend over ten thousand miles away. Dan met Andy (from Australia) and David (from England) during the Crescendo conferences in Hungary. Andy Vance is an amazing jazz pianist with more than a score of albums and David Daly has been the principle double bass of the Bournmouth symphony orchestra since 1985. We started doing a bible study together once a week through a video call. Bit by bit we've worked our way through Colossians and James. Fellowship knows no bounds!

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