La Lumiere
September, 2021
Vacation time as a family.

This is no surprise, but today videos make up a crucial form of communication. As the digital creations team gets its footing we're seeing more and more requests for videos from different Cru ministries. These might be to advertise an event or inform about a project or provide training. Every new video helps us increase our skills of capturing great video, quality audio, and the many details of editing. Earlier this year my teammate Davis was challenged to create a spoken word poem (slam in French). The message is this: the Covid pandemic has dealt us all a blow and we all want to turn the page, but as we do let's take the time to reflect on what's really important and consider who can provide a solid foundation, help us catch our breath (souffle) and face what's next. The challenge we took on together was creating a video to bring this poem to life. We filmed in our sound booth and on the hill of Montmartre, with Davis performing the piece. Then it was edited, the audio was refined, and I added music and additional clips to help illustrate the message (I do have a cameo appearance). We invite you to watch the video which does have English subtitles (they must be activated), and we hope it's an encouragement to you.

Biking in Morlaix

Passing through Morlaix with our bikes.


Please Pray

  • for the health situation to remain stable as we begin to see our coworkers again.
  • that efforts to bring more visitors to will be effective.
  • for successful school years for Silas and Efrem.
Nouveau Souffle

Davis performing Nouveau Souffle.

Mile marker zero

Mile marker 0 on the Vélodyssée!


Once again our family embarked on a biking adventure, seeking out mile marker zero of the path we already rode for 550 miles all the way to the Spanish border. It was just me, May and Efrem since Silas was working his summer job. With our tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear attached we pedaled from Roscoff on the northern coast of Brittany down to Pontivy following first an old train track which has been converted into a bike path, then a canal. It felt good to be on the bikes again discovering new parts of the country. Pulling out of Pontivy, however, Efrem hurt his knee and couldn't continue. We had covered only half of the planned itinerary. Although Efrem's knee was swollen and it was difficult for him to walk, it healed nicely after a few days rest. Meanwhile, a kind and accommodating bus driver let us take our bikes apart and place them in the hold, along with thirteen saddlebags, so we could make it back to Rennes. The summer was relatively relaxing and we feel ready to dive into the coming year. Efrem is now a senior in high school and will be auditioning for a number of music universities for flute performance. Silas is in his 3rd year at Université Paris Dauphine and continues his violin at the Ecole Normale. We are looking forward to working in the office together with our colleagues instead of having all of our meetings online. May it provide a nouveau souffle!

Our Signatures