La Lumiere
February, 2022
Suzy and May

Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest. We heard this call 21 years ago, in part when Joe and Suzy Schlie invited us to join their team pioneering a new campus ministry in Toulouse France. Although the Schlies live in the States now, we had many precious years of working the harvest in France together. We saw Suzy recently when she traveled to Paris with her daughter, and we were reminded how special the harvest fellowship is.

The ministry in France needs more workers, new young missionaries with many different skills. We need to pray and invite, be open and welcoming. May has met with two people with technical backgrounds who are currently interning with the campus ministry. This week Dan interviewed a graphics design student hoping to do an internship with the digital creations team. Like a hub that you can plug multiple things into, we want many people with different giftings to serve with us, providing a channel through which the gospel flows and God is glorified. Digital creations seems to be particularly inviting. Since its inception we've seen seven resumés which has resulted in three internships. Another clear response to our prayers for workers is Alexis, who has joined staff and is searching for ministry partners so he can join the digital creations team. Cru's Athletes in Action ministry was integral in his faith journey and he is excited to use his graphics design and artistic skills for God's Kingdom. We will share more about him later. Please pray with us for more harvest workers in France, for this is a team effort, and every person - including you - is greatly appreciated!

Dan all smiles


  • that Dan's wrist is improving, even if slowly.

Please pray

  • for more workers for God's harvest in France.
  • that we will have patience and focus, effectively prioritizing all we need to do.
  • for important decisions for both Efrem and Silas.
Anything is possible in Paris.

Walking down the sidewalk and we bumped into the Prime Minister.

Concert in Massy

View of Silas' concert from the cheap seats.


Last Sunday afternoon was a first. We attended a concert by the Massy Orchestra in their opera house. They played Chopin's first piano concerto followed by preludes by both Debussy and Liszt, delightful to hear. What made it unique? Silas played with the first violins. Along with other students from his music school, they participated in an exchange in order to experience playing with a professional orchestra. He had an intense week of late night practices and three performances over the weekend. Musicians work hard! It was a great opportunity to taste the life of a professional musician and have the pleasure of playing with a higher quality orchestra. As a side benefit, Efrem drove us to and from the concert for additional student driving kilometers, even traversing Paris. That takes serious courage! What has challenged your courage recently? What experiences are stretching you?

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