La defense
Gold training

"Do not give yourself to that which others can and will do, but to that which others cannot or will not do." is a quote from Jim Elliot that was shared on the first day of GOLD training. May recently completed the 12 month intensive program for Global Operations Leader Development. To have enough time for this, May had to set aside eight hours per week, honing and meticulously planning her schedule and delegating as many tasks as possible. This requirement was also one of the big benefits, in that someone who was already super organized became even more so. The training gave May the opportunity to meet leaders from all around the world, doing what others cannot or will not do. She also comes away with a larger perspective on all aspects of operations: finance, legal, human resources, crisis management, data security, event planning, technology… May also learned important coaching skills, how to approach difficult conversations, and navigating cultural differences with a global team. She is very enthusiastic about the quality and content of the training. If you're interested, here are May's best reads from the GOLD reading list:
The Culture Map, by Erin Meyer, an essential for working with people from different cultures.
Crucial Conversations, by Joseph Grenny, about having productive dialogue when the stakes are high, opinions vary, or emotions run strong.
The Rest of God, by Marc Buchanan, about sabbath and restoring our souls through a rhythm of work and rest set by God.

Enjoying some sun

Please pray

  • for the details and planning for all the moves.
  • that we finish our time in Paris well.
  • for the 80 Cru staff still in Ukraine (44 have evacuated), for protection and an end to the war.
Sunset in Paris

Sunset from the rooftop of Galleries Lafayette.

Ensemble music

Silas playing a concert with his ensemble.


Last time we shared the news that Efrem will be in London studying at the Royal Academy of Music starting in September. The primary reason we're in Paris is for Efrem's studies at the conservatory while he finishes high school. With him moving to London, it makes sense for us to move back to our apartment in Rennes this summer. At the same time, we're looking for a smaller apartment for Silas in Paris while he finishes his bachelor's degree, and likely continues with a master's. Yes, that's three moves if you're counting, which means a lot of transitions and administrative details in a short period of time. Our heads are swimming a little, but we're staying afloat. The Lord answered a big prayer by providing a buyer for our sound room, which is a very specific and cumbersome item (it took three days to install) that must leave the apartment before we do. That relieves a degree of stress. Living in Paris has been an … experience. When we review this chapter we will do our best to focus on the beauty of this grand city instead of the challenges.

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