Dan and Davis

Davis, who worked with Dan on the digital creations team for the past three years, has decided to continue his education in graphics design and work outside of Cru. He will be very missed. His talents in illustration, design, poetry and translation are outstanding, and he definitely raised the level of quality of our work.

But this is no surprise to God, who already prepared a new person to join the team, Alexis. His first experience with Cru was through Athletes in Action. It was at one of their camps that he trusted Christ at the age of 14, and he remains involved with that dynamic ministry. But Alexis is an artist with many skills, working with wood, making music, and in graphics design. Already invested in Cru, he requested to join the digital creations team and join staff working part time. Alexis has more experience than Dan in photography and taking video. His complementary skill set will be a great addition to the team. Another blessing is that he lives just outside of Rennes, so they can work together from the Rennes office!

Alexis is in the process of finding his team of ministry partners, currently at 78%, with a little more than $400 per month remaining. Would you be motivated to help Alexis reach his goal so he can start working with Dan on the digital creations team? You can pledge a monthly gift or encourage him with a one time gift at give.cru.org/1146054.

Alexis with his family

Alexis with his wife Kaïna and son Lemuel

Washing machine

Lesson learned: always ride with cargo in an elevator

Loading the moving van

Dan talks with Leolein the "Tetris King"


Please pray

  • for Alexis's progress finding his team of ministry partners.
  • that the Lord would bless Davis in his next steps.
  • for planning and preparations already begun to visit the States this fall.

Our move from Paris to Rennes went according to plan, almost. We had tons of help both loading and unloading, and everything fit with plenty of margin. Our friends were so generous with their help, it was both a heartfelt goodbye and welcome. There was just one hiccup - our washing machine got stuck in the elevator of the Paris building. Riding unaccompanied, the washing machine shifted just enough to keep the interior folding doors from opening fully, preventing us from opening the outer door. We despairingly watched the doors open and close on repeat, helpless to give it the little nudge it needed. Several calls to the technicians, who never came, and seven hours later we finally took things into our own hands. Using a deep well hexagonal socket to turn the triangular shaped key, we were finally able to open the outer door so we could rescue our washing machine and load it into the truck. Even though we rolled into the parking lot in Rennes at 9:20pm, a crowd of friends was waiting to unload. Thankfully it was a soft landing here, as we're settling in for the second time in this apartment. It's good to be back!

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