La Lumiere
September, 2022

Darrin knew he wanted to be a missionary from the time he was eight years old. His parents had accepted Christ a couple years earlier and he saw a great transformation in their lives. They even joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and left Iowa to work in Colorado. As a kid Darrin learned how to share his faith using the four spiritual laws. Seeing his parents model evangelism gave him a passion for sharing his faith. God continued to mold his missionary heart as he studied airplane mechanics and began working as a mechanic all over the US, then in The Gambia where he met and shared Christ with his future wife, Nanette, who is from the Netherlands. Their missionary journey together took them through France and Benin, back to France where he was involved in Church planting, most recently in Rennes. But Darrin felt God leading him back to his "origins" with Cru, wanting to work with a larger team and be more active in evangelization. With his Swiss army knife of skills, Darrin has joined May's technology team and feels right at home! He is quickly learning about our systems and resolving help desk tickets. We're excited to welcome him. His energy and enthusiasm and passion for the gospel are a great encouragement.

Efrem's adventure begins

Dan taking Efrem to London.


Please pray

  • for Darrin's adjustment to his new team and roles.
  • that we have safe travels to the States and are able to connect with many of you.
  • for Silas in Paris and Efrem in London, that their studies go well.
Boys in 2009


Boys in 2022



At the end of this month we will be in the States to reconnect with family and with as many ministry partners as possible. This involves a road trip through a dozen states covering around 4,400 miles. Good thing we have two drivers! We can't make any guarantees, but please send us a quick email if you have some slots open in your calendars and you'd like to catch up with us (Dan and May). Silas and Efrem are busy with their studies and won't be with us. Speaking of the boys, their first visit to Paris was way back in 2009, when May captured a fantastic picture of them messing around at the fountains near the Eiffel Tower. We decided to try to recreate this shot on our last evening together as the family nest emptied. You'll notice May's relative height is a little lower than before! Silas is settling into a smaller apartment in Paris, continuing his bachelor's in math/computer science and violin. Efrem is in a student residence in London starting his bachelor studies in flute performance. He arrived in time to experience the loss of the queen, which is certainly historic. As for us, well we're going to ignore the empty nest for a while and do a little traveling. Maybe that will provide a soft landing.

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