La Lumiere
October, 2022
Colorado Sunrise

It was the first email I received from Abel, but he dove straight into his greatest spiritual need. "I need help," he said. "I have a thirst for Christ and want him in my life." Abel asked me how to take that step of faith. The window into his spiritual journey suddenly opened. I don't know who planted or watered, but it was so exciting to answer his question and encourage him toward Christ. Online ministry provides such unique opportunities, and even though I'm currently traveling in the States, it carries on just the same.

Another person who wrote just this week was responding to an email series studying the gospel of John. She wanted to share how she had seen God working in her life recently and ask for prayer. I normally pray for people I correspond with, and sometimes those prayers are typed into an email response. God knows our hearts, and whether our prayers are voiced or flow from our fingertips he hears them.

Finally, here is a translation of a encouraging email I received from Amar:
I come from a Muslim family, but I had always rejected this religion. Still, I had questions about God. I felt deep inside that there was a God and everything I heard about Jesus Christ seemed closer to the truth. Now, I am scheduled to be baptized in 2023. Allow me to say a big thank you for your website on the internet which gives many answers to my questions.

Sunset in Rennes
Traveling van is back

Reunited with our traveling van.


The world of pumpkins.



  • that the van was recovered!

Please pray

  • for safe travels and quality time with family and friends.
  • for the responsibilities we’re still carrying, even though we’re traveling.
  • for Silas in Paris and Efrem in London.

Wednesday morning we helped at our church distributing food. The missions coordinator took us out to lunch. When we arrived back at the church May asked, "Where did you park the car, Dan?" My Dad's van was gone! Surveillance video showed a tow truck pull in front of the van, lift up the front tires and drive away. The whole episode took seven minutes. We were thrust into an emotional rollercoaster ride, calling my Dad, calling the police, wondering what to do next. Support started flowing in, some people offered to lend us a vehicle, many prayed for the situation. As the shock slowly wore off I came to grips with the fact that the van was gone. The next morning we received a text message from the missions coordinator. Someone on staff at the church had scheduled to have their van towed the day before, the same color, year, make and model. Ours had been taken by mistake! The two vans had license plates from two different states, which went unnoticed. We were able to pick up the van. Driving it again was a little surreal, yet a great relief. God answered our prayers and showed us yet again that he is lovingly watching over us.

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