La Lumiere
October, 2023
Coast in Brittany

The association Agapé France (originally Campus pour Christ) was created in France in 1973. Initiated by staff members from the States, within a few years the first French joined the team. Methods have changed over the years, from using booklets and billboards to social networks and web sites. For decades the team has been growing and working to help everyone discover, live and share the good news of Jesus. Countless lives have been impacted. Working on the video project to celebrate 50 years of ministry, interviewing and filming testimonies, I have had a front row seat hearing their stories. Most of them made decisions for Christ after someone took the initiative to talk with them and study the Bible. The Bible became their anchor, and multiple people through the love of Christ forgave family members who were abusive. More than one even said that if it weren't for those who shared the gospel with them, they probably wouldn't be here today. A lifelong missionary expressed, "If I'm living what I am today, it's because someone took the initiative to share their faith with me. Therefore I need to in turn pass it on to others." This multiplication mindset was infused into so many who I interviewed, the desire to share what they had received. Some became missionaries in other countries, others pray for and reach out to coworkers or volunteer to coach at sports camps. Their gazes sure and faces beaming, one after one they sat in front of the camera and added a few strokes to the canvas, a work of art which resonates God's glory. What a privilege to be a part of this ministry in France. Thank you for taking part as well!



  • for the many lives changed and 50 years of faithful ministry in France!

Please pray

  • that May can successfully hand off responsibilities for the Make Giving Easy project

50 years ago, a "God in your life" sign atop a Renault 8.


Some of the catch, a velvet crab and abalone.


Being from Montana, we know next to nothing about hunting shellfish and crab, and even less about how to prepare and cook them. So it was a unique opportunity when we were invited by some acquaintances to join them fishing during the "grande marée". There are certain times when the moon causes tides that are stronger, low tide going further out. This allows access to areas of seabed which aren't normally exposed, which is excellent fishing. We specifically searched for abalone, known as the truffles of the sea. At the market, abalone sells for around 80€ per kilo because it's so hard to find! Turning over large rocks we would find abalone stuck underneath, but they had to measure at least 9cm to be harvested. We managed to find at least one per person in our party. Then, as the tide was returning we shifted our search to velvet crab, which we were also fortunate enough to find. A delectable meal worthy of a Michelin star was the result! After living 14 years in Brittany we finally had this Breton experience.

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