La Lumiere
January, 2024
St Malo

Looking over the horizon at the new year before us, there is much to look forward to. The Olympics are being hosted in France this year, with the unique opportunities that brings. Cru ministries are involved in serving and equipping Christians to share their faith. There are a number of "tools" developed to help do this: The Four, Soularium, and Perspective Cards for example. But there is a learning curve to employ these. How can we instruct as many people as possible to use these tools? Our answer, which has been on our minds for a long time, is to create training videos for each of these resources. Every tool is different, best with different contexts and audiences, having strengths and weaknesses. We want to demystify talking about faith and Christ, making it as easy and approachable as possible. Thanks to the Olympics, this has finally been brought to the front burner, which means new projects for the digital creations team! I'm excited for not only the creative potential, but especially the impact of multiplication. Please pray that we seize these opportunities so they translate into a multitude of gospel conversations. The French and everyone who will attend the Olympic games need to hear the good news of Jesus; knowing him is the very best prize.

Team in Rennes

The team in Rennes together to celebrate Christmas.

Please pray

  • that the digital creations team be inspired to do effective, quality work for the Lord's glory.
  • for the ten week online Bible classes both of us are taking, that we can balance the extra load.

Bailey the basset hound asking if it's time to eat soon?!


Silas was concertmaster at a Christmas concert in Sweden.


Before I turned forty I called my brother and challenged him to give me a birthday present, coming to France so I could show him where I live. Well, this month I turn 50, and Jason and his wife Nazalee came to visit over the holidays. It was a blast! Taking day trips we saw the beaches of Normandy and the American Cemetery, the ancient stones near Carnac, and the coastal towns of Dinard and St. Malo (the setting of the series All the Light We Cannot See). Of course, we enjoyed seeing the sites in Rennes too. Both Silas and Efrem were also home, as well as our friends' dog, Bailey, who we looked after. The house was very full, which was lots of fun.

Rewinding to earlier in December, two special musical events are noteworthy. First, in Paris the wind quintet Ouranos hosted their first ever Academy, in which five of the best quintets from schools in Paris and London participated. One was Efrem's Polipetti quintet from the Royal Academy of Music. He was instrumental in forming it specifically for this challenge. It was hosted at the Singer Polignac Foundation, an amazing venue. With only a few invitations extended, May and I loved the concert! In the meantime, Silas played his last concert with the Uppsala's Royal Academic Orchestra. A sold out Christmas concert with over a thousand attending, Silas was asked to be concertmaster! What a fun way to close out his exchange semester in Sweden.

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