La Lumiere
February, 2024
Dan reflecting on email responses

Nicky said she'd always been an atheist, but that she had questions that science couldn't answer (she's a biologist). That's how our email conversation started. She wrote to me through the contact page on the French evangelistic web site As with anyone who sends me a question, my goal is to simply nudge them a notch or two closer to Christ. I write an answer not knowing if I'll hear from them again and pray for them. I did hear back from Nicky about a month later, and it's encouraging to see how God responds to prayer. The next time she wrote she said that she wants to learn more about the Bible. She purchased one and read the gospel of Mark. She wanted to know what I would recommend she read next. “I still don't believe, but I'm more and more interested in faith.” How refreshing to see such spiritual thirst! I answered her question about different versions of the Bible and suggested that she continue with the gospel of John. More prayer. Five days later there was another email from Nicky. This time she wanted to know about the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism, because she felt the need to choose. Clearly her interest in faith was getting deeper! Let's pray for Nicky together, and Meline, Katia, Aicha, Delphine, Nathan, Nephtali, Martialle and Vincent, who have also written recently. One of these was asking very difficult questions regarding her daughter who committed suicide last year. I'm praying for comfort, as well as her own relationship with Christ. God is working in people's lives through every medium at his disposal. It's a privilege to have even a brief window to encourage them.

Fall larch

Dan a few months ago with larch trees in a park nearby

Winter ice

Same spot, iced over, different season


Seems like Silas will remain the tallest of the family

Please pray

  • for the hearts God is reaching online, and for wisdom and inspiration as we interact.
  • that we can appreciate the beauty God promises in our current season/chapter.
Digital Creations

Alexis and Dan at their stations in the digital creations office


There is a time, or season for everything. With the nest empty, so to speak, life is more simple on one hand. But with regards to work, it continues to gain momentum and complexity. With maturity and experience we find ourselves shouldering more and more responsibility. From leading teams to determining global infrastructure, we get to serve the mission of making Christ known in ways God has uniquely suited us to and prepared us for. Even though the chapters change, God continually weaves the threads of faithfulness and watchful care through our story. He is faithful and we want to be faithful, good stewards of the responsibilities we've been entrusted with. We are in a different season, and we take comfort knowing that "he has made all things beautiful in his time." Note the past tense, since God lives outside of time, his time is beyond comprehension. I may be impatient with ever changing seasons and chapters, but if I entrust each one to God, it will be beautiful.

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