20 years with Agapé France

How do you handle differences as a couple? What is the goal of marriage? Every year around Valentine's day the campus ministry hosts a student event on the theme of relationships. They invite a panel of experts, a term I'm using loosely here, to weigh in on the subject from a Christian point of view: two older single people, a young couple, and an older more experienced couple. In our last newsletter I shared about seasons and chapters changing, well we were invited to be the old couple. It appears nearly 28 years of marriage experience makes us experts, though that's a difficult mantle to pick up. If twenty one year old me were at the event, my views on marriage would have been different, more idealistic from fifty year old me. Would I have listened to my own advice? Having grown in my walk with the Lord and experienced much more of life, I understand better the human side of relationships. The need for grace and forgiveness was the most important thing I felt I could share. This applies to any relationship, not just marriage. May shared that a married couple is like the body of Christ, where each one must use their gifts and talents for the good of the whole. Our giftings may not fit traditional roles, but that's the way God made us. It was fun to step back into campus ministry for a moment, talk with students afterward, and hear how God is working in their lives. He really is! One guy I spoke with afterward shared how he was on a fast track from being an atheist to trusting Christ and soon being baptized. Praise the Lord!

The old couple

That's us, the old couple at the campus relationships event

Please pray

  • for May's work as global systems architect, currently leading a task force restructuring Cru's HR database
  • that Dan can be both creative and effective making training videos for our evangelistic tools
Dan's 20 year celebration

20 year recap with David, who leads digital strategies

May's 20 year celebration

May ready to share at the national staff retreat


A couple weeks ago we were once again in the south-east of France for the national staff retreat. It is always such an encouragement to see everyone! The theme for this year was being intercultural and intergenerational. This is precisely what our organization is, with staff ranging from 24 to 71 from at least 12 different countries. This gives a richness in diversity that at times feels like the great multitude described in Revelation chapter 7. But cultural and generational diversity comes with challenges. It was a great topic to explore together. May and I were kept busy in the afternoons with helpdesk appointments. I got to play bass in the praise band, which is always a highlight. And for the first time in years there was a men's time, which I actually led. First, I used a creative way to split everyone into groups of four. Then I challenged each group to find as many things they have in common in five minutes. Then the rest of the evening was simply sharing over two subjects, encouragements and challenges. It went surprisingly well, with some groups having deep, even emotional discussions. Who says men can't connect? Bravo, guys!

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