Rennes radish

Wednesday morning. No time for a workout because our staff men's bible study starts at eight. I wouldn't trade our time listening to God's word together for anything. It's enriching to see a passage through my coworkers eyes as we discuss, apply and pray together. Next, the digital creations team has our staff meeting. Alexis and I review the different projects we're working on, give each other feedback, and make sure there aren't any obstacles keeping us from progressing. This week, I'm setting up the camera for a stop motion video. I roll a large white sheet of paper across the table for a backdrop, set up a soft light source, then pose the camera vertically over the paper on a tripod. This video will explain how one uses the Soularium cards to talk about faith in Christ. The still pictures are pieced together like an old fashioned film to create an animation where the cards move across the screen to bring the script to life. Everything must stay consistent: the lighting, the focus, the white balance, the position of the camera. To insure the camera doesn't move it's tethered to and controlled by my computer. This is my third shoot, and I learn something new about the process every time. This video project represents several weeks of work and the collaboration of four other colleagues. The shoot will take all afternoon, with over 500 photos that will hopefully produce the raw materials for a quality video. With time and patience I'll assemble the video and edit the audio. Much more than a day's work, but still a snapshot of my day.

Stop motion

Third stop motion session, better each time

New car

New car, kind of looks like a stormtrooper

Rennes radish

Teammates in Rennes

Vacation walk

May and Efrem walking in our favorite park

Please pray

  • for May's work as global systems architect, wrapping her mind around so many variables
  • that Dan works effectively on the two training videos due in June

A few weeks ago we purchased a new car, a Toyota Yaris Cross. It's a hybrid that we've heard gets fantastic gas mileage. There were two things we insisted our next car have: a roof rack, unlike our last one; and cruise control, which we haven't had for the past 20 years. In our new car, the mere presence of a screen and an automatic transmission makes us feel spoiled. We hope this will serve us for a solid 20 years. As for the VW Golf which this replaced, we listed it online and it sold in a week for slightly more than we purchased it for. Another exciting note is that Silas' and Efrem's vacations had one week of overlap, so we're able to spend a week together doing some hiking and exploring a part of France we haven't seen before. Silas continues his master's studies in Paris and was also asked to play violin in the Plein Jeu ensemble, a chamber orchestra that combines young talent with more experienced players. They have two concerts in April. Efrem continues to expand his passion for flute performance and is planning to participate in an international competition in Germany this summer.

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