Le belvédère d'En-Vau

May gets up at 6, goes outside for a brisk walk to warm up, then follows a workout video to push herself physically. The rest of the day will be pushing herself mentally. To the office by 9, a short prayer meeting with other colleagues starts the workday. This is helpful to stay connected and affirm our reliance on God for everything. Video meetings with colleagues all over the world are common in her role as Cru's global system's architect. Her calendar events read: improve Wordpress stability, simple and agile national ministry websites task force; team data architecture; Okta, G Suite and email domains. May also has regular meetings with the global technology team, global operations team, global security network, and the global solutions team. But that's not all. A portion of her time is still dedicated to the French technology team where her years of experience and leadership is an invaluable resource. Whenever he needs a hand, the current head of technology can spin his chair around and ask May, whose desk is next to his. May often works late putting in over full time and rides her bike back just in time for dinner. At home, it's common to see her grab gardening gloves and a pitchfork to check on our community compost bins which she has volunteered to manage. She checks the levels and mix, transferring it once it's full into separate bins to mature. Since much of her work is theoretical, the hands on nature of the compost responsibility is a nice change. Being outside has always been a high priority for her. May's days are always busy, but in a good way.

La Calanque d'En-Vau

Hiking the national park, this is Calanque d’En-Vau

Please pray

  • for May's work as global systems architect
  • that Silas and Efrem finish their school year well
  • for an opportunity for Efrem to play with an orchestra this summer
Cap Canaille to Ciotat

Hiking on the Cap Canaille from Cassis to Ciotat

In the port

May and Silas at the port in Cassis


This year, having a week of vacation which coincides with everyone in our family is as rare as a solar eclipse. We took advantage of the occasion to visit Cassis in the south of France this past month. The coast there has remarkable "calanques" or narrow, steep limestone walled inlets which make for picturesque hiking. We explored the coast on steep rocky paths with amazing views. Efrem dared to swim even though the water was still frigid. There was also a hike through the vineyards at the foot of Mont Saint-Victoire, which was one of Cezanne's favorite subjects to paint. The weather was beautiful and it was great time together. Along the same lines, Dan went to Colorado to visit his parents for ten days. Seeing them every two years seems too long, so it was an attempt to cut that time and be more in touch. Walking together as the sun was setting, watercolor painting, playing pool and getting a new computer set up were some of the highlights. The days went too fast, but were definitely worth it.

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