Visiting the Richelieu Library

Encouragement is precious. It helps us carry on and sometimes comes in surprising ways. This week May was scheduled into a meeting, but didn't really know why. She and another global colleague had spotted a major issue that needs to be resolved, so they wrote a proposal to bring attention to the problem. The thing is, May doesn't have the time to push an additional project forward and good project managers are in limited supply. During this mysterious meeting it dawned on May that a motivated and competent project manager had picked up the ball and was already taking charge! A wave of encouragement washed over her as she went from feeling overwhelmed by the needs she sees to thankful for this person who is so eager to help carry the load.

Encouragement for me has actually been similar, taking the form of good teamwork. Just writing the scripts for the two training videos I'm working on has involved six people and hours of time. Sharing the creative process helps us arrive at a well thought through and better quality product. My colleagues are great to work with! Another important part of creative teamwork is getting feedback, which makes everything more polished. The first video is nearly done and the second still has a lot of work to go. As the French would say - courage!

Rafter beam

Dan helped Alexis install an additional rafter beam in his old farm house


They even got the chisels out to help it fit better

Olympic flame

The Olympic flame passing through Rennes

Please pray

  • for perseverance in all of our projects
  • that Silas finds a job that pairs with his studies next year
  • that we steward this flame well

The Olympics start next month in Paris, but before the games begin the Olympic flame is touring around France. We are used to seeing this with bicycles (Tour de France)! With 68 stages the flame is showcasing France's history and heritage, traveling even to six overseas territories. Each torch holds enough fuel to stay lit for about 15 minutes before the flame is passed on to another. Once it is symbolically lit in Olympia Greece, multiple copies are made and transported with the relay. That way if a torch goes out it can be re-lit with a backup of the original flame. Recently it made its way through Rennes, and we had a chance to see it! In the Bible, fire is rich with symbolism. There is the burning bush and God going before the Israelites as a pillar of fire at night. The Holy Spirit appears as tongues of fire on Pentecost. God's Spirit, who lives in us through Christ, is a flame that we still carry from two thousand years ago. Our efforts together to share the gospel are essential so that the next generation carries this flame. The author of Hebrews may have had this in mind when they wrote to fix your eyes on Jesus and run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Our time to carry the flame is short! May it be seen by and shared with as many as possible.

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