La Lumiere
October, 2019
Nibbling lions.

Last month May traveled to South Africa for two separate back-to-back meetings, global operations and global technology. These two groups keep Cru running as smoothly as possible around the globe. To give you an idea of the challenges they face, consider one action group that May was in. Together with staff from: Switzerland, England, Ethiopia and Mali, they confronted the challenge of making giving easier in those African countries. In Mali, for example, actual collectors go around to donors collecting gifts in cash. It is then passed directly to the staff person, or to the central office, or pocketed. Banks are so expensive that no one, even the organization, has a bank account. Can you imagine the challenges this creates?!

Since the traditional banks have failed to provide service to the people in Mali a new "banking system" has been developed to exchange money via text messaging. This very diverse international group worked together on a realistic process to help the donor's gifts effectively get to the central office and then to staff they're supporting. This can happen while also thanking the donor for each gift creating accountability and building trust.

These are some of the challenges our global organization faces! May, along with her European colleagues were shocked at the lack of infrastructure that we in the western world take for granted. Our Swiss friend was literally pulling his hair out!

While in South Africa, they had an outing to a zoo. May had the chance to pet four month old lions. People were warned that they might bite or scratch, and some definitely did! They were cute to look at, but oily and course to pet. I'll take her word for it.

May petting lion.

What a fun opportunity to pet a few playful lions during a break between meetings!

Wall of Love.

Amazing to see the diversity of words and letters on the Wall of Love.

Who is the tallest?

Efrem is getting so close to passing Dan. He can't wait!

Lots of ducks.

Please pray

  • for the Paris team, an eclectic group, to find unity and encouragement together.
  • that we manage our time well, stay focused, and keep Christ in the center!
  • for wisdom in answering emails, there were two recently who were contemplating suicide.
  • for our upstairs neighbors, who loudly complain about the sounds of practicing music.
  • that Silas and Efrem stay concentrated on their studies, both for school and music.

I was told by our upstairs neighbor that Rennes is not Paris. This is true on so many levels! Here are a few differences in no particular order: You can find a vast variety of things, for example, there is the Paris Duck Store where you can find any kind of rubber duck, from rock stars to unicorns. Our only transportation are our legs and the public system. It is more difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables. The moment you leave your apartment, it is bustling with people everywhere. The sky is small. Tourists are always taking pictures of our everyday lives. Homeless people sleep on mattresses on the sidewalk. Paris is a microcosm of humanity from the proud to the impoverished. A short walk from our apartment is a wall of ceramic tiles with the words "I love you" written in 250 different languages. We firmly believe that is exactly God's message to the 12 million people who live in this area. Thank you for partnering with us!

Our Signatures

La Lumiere
September, 2019
Professing their faith.

August was a super busy month, driving van loads of stuff to Paris for the move, cleaning, and trying to get settled. We also got away as a family for ten days of real vacation. You might think that there wasn't much happening, but in August was getting a record number of visits, over 123,000! That traffic led to a mountain of emails because the internet doesn't take a vacation. People's questions are really interesting, some ask deep theological questions which make me wonder if they're just looking for help with homework. Others come straight out with objections to the faith or a specific article. Some ask how to pray. Other ask for help against sin in their lives. Many are saying thank you for the messages they receive via our email series. But one discussion I'm looking forward to having is with Victorin, who simply wrote, "I want to better understand faith." Typically I don't hear back from most of the people I respond to, which can be a little discouraging. But Victorin already wrote to me again. I pray we can explore faith in Christ together. I feel like the sower sowing seeds, only time will tell how many fall on good soil and produce fruit. I continue to trust God in what he has called me to do and to rely on his Holy Spirit to guide and empower me. The results are up to Him!

Silas in the Channel.

Both Silas and Efrem were baptized in August!

Efrem in the Channel.

Please pray

  • for our relationships with our new neighbors, especially those above us who are sensitive to noise.
  • that we quickly get our bearings in this big city, including finding a church. Lots of options.
  • for Silas and Efrem starting in new schools and making new friends.
The craziness during a move.

Sharing moments of chaos during our move.

Van load #1

Efrem is enjoying the first of three trips with a van loaded to capacity. This van worked wonderfully in the narrow streets and limited parking places in Paris.


Our church in Rennes baptized three people in August, including Silas and Efrem! What a joy it is to see your children profess their faith in Christ and their intention to live for Him! Each in turn shared their testimonies in front of the church. Silas told of how shocked he was during a conference with other "missionary kids" when he heard that some of them don't really share their parents' beliefs. For him, that was an opportunity to ask himself if he truly holds the same faith as his parents. His answer is yes, that he firmly believes, and he beautifully and succinctly shared the gospel during his testimony. Efrem told of the Easter Sunday when we all watched the Jesus film for children together, how that helped him understand who Jesus was and his sacrifice on the cross. He remembers the invitation to pray afterward and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time as he prayed. Efrem also said that he believes music is a way for him to glorify God, that he feels His presence when he plays. For that reason, he played a piece by Bach and challenged everyone to hear how great God's love for us is. It was beautiful. Afterward, we all went to the beach and the three young men were baptized in the English Channel as waves washed over them. Being at their side for those moments was pure joy!

Our Signatures