The Workman Family

How do you feel about family reunions? What if there were over a thousand people? Cru held a conference for all Western European staff members in July. It was called the Agapé family gathering. The last one was six years ago in Tallinn Estonia. This time it was hosted and organized by the Swiss, and it went like clockwork. We arrived at the campus in Sursee Switzerland and saw an enormous meeting tent with stage, lights, screens, and fans. Everywhere we went there were people we knew, colleagues from our time in Kandern and campus and IT people. What a blessing it was to share a smile and catch up with so many dear friends. The purpose of such a gathering is to reconnect, hear what God is doing all across the continent, and look forward to what he’s calling us to in coming years. The stories told were inspiring, and the vision shared was ambitious. In typical Cru fashion we are expectant that God will do big things! With a sea of staff serving in more than twenty countries, it brought to life the image from Revelation 7 of the great multitude from every nation, all tribes, peoples and languages worshiping Christ.

During this time, Silas and Efrem participated in the Shine program. About 300 youth had their own program and worship which culminated in two outreaches in the community. It’s such a joy to hear your sons enthusiasm for sharing the gospel! They camped out in a classroom using sleeping bags with a large contingent of guys from Spain, the Netherlands and England, a microcosm of interesting cultural differences. At the end of the week they were utterly exhausted. We’ve never seen them fall asleep so quickly and easily!

The Agapé Europe family gathering.

Swiss houses in Appenzell

Many Swiss houses are brightly decorated or have painted murals. This was taken in Appenzell.

Please pray

  • for us representing digital ministries at the upcoming kick-off conference for campus ministry.
  • that the construction of the new French giving site would go smoothly and rapidly.
  • for Silas as he prepares to take the SAT and looks into applying for colleges.
A nice picnic spot

A picturesque picnic spot in Switzerland.

Hand assembling a Swiss army knife.

Efrem hand assembling his own Swiss army knife.


Since we needed to be in Switzerland for the conference, we decided to take some vacation there beforehand. This involved visiting towns with fairy-tale buildings and hiking beautiful mountains. There really are cows grazing the mountain pastures with big bells around their necks, and we loved the swiss cheese. One lasting memory will be the boys hand assembling their own swiss army knives. They step you through the process of assembling the knife at an actual factory table. Then they engrave it with whatever you'd like. The perfect swiss souvenir! Finally, May found out that the James Galway flute festival was starting the weekend before the conference just 30 miles away. We spent a few days there so that Efrem could attend some master classes. Every night one of the world renowned guest instructors gave a concert, and even Sir James himself played the opening night. It was a beautiful way to end our vacation time there.

Our Signatures

Blowing bubbles.

I remember the first batch of biscuits I made. They were hard and flat and nothing like the fluffy, layered pastries my mom put on the table. Then when I was visiting home I got out two bowls and said - let's make biscuits. She didn't really use the recipe, and her technique was both perfect and automatic. These days, I make great biscuits, I don't need the recipe, and every step is automatic.

In creating an animated video, I'm a beginner at everything, like having to refer to recipe upon recipe. Everywhere I turn there's a new skill to acquire and a new software to learn. There are many specialized steps along the way: script-writing, ideas and storyboard creation, illustration, animation, audio recording and design, publishing and distribution. This is an incredibly complicated recipe. In the midst of this long and arduous process I am feeling - encouraged! Yes, it's a long haul, but the trek is exciting for me. I find all of the subjects above fascinating. Here's where I'm at, there are four scripts written, two storyboards approved and initial artwork created. I'm finally diving into animation. In parallel, I need English audio, a French translation of the script, and then to find a French voice for the script. Further along will be choosing music to accompany the video and the addition of sound effects… This video will be short, probably 30 seconds or less. It's purpose is to point the viewer to an article on and it's equivalent in other languages.

I feel like I did with my first batch of biscuits. There is so much to learn, and it's not easy. But with time and practice, hopefully this will become quicker and easier, and the recipe more intuitive.

Working together.

Silas and May working together at the office.

Very tired.

Silas pushing his limits while studying for end-of-year exams.

Efrem playing for his amateur diploma.

Coach Dan..

Efrem loves to have fun, always eager to get outside and move. Dan has coached his baseball team for 5 years. With practices every Saturday starting in September, it’s a big commitment.

Please pray

  • for rapid progress on a new donation site for Agapé France.
  • for continued progress on Dan's animated videos.
  • for Silas and Efrem to grow in their faith, to listen to and love the Lord.
  • that His love and grace will reign in our family especially with end-of-year exams.

Bursting with energy from one thing to the next, Efrem power-studies for his latest test, switches to practicing his flute, asks if I can go outside with him, then rushes out to climb a tree or swing at whiffle balls. It's remarkable that he is able to focus this energy enough to be among the top in his class and possibly the most promising flute student at the conservatory. He recently performed a concert to validate his amateur diploma in music, where he received "très bien" for a grade, that's very good. The concert had solo pieces by Bach and Chaminade, a duet with his brother, and a jazz piece with a group of friends. They did a fantastic job, spurring the normally restrained jury to cheers and applause. Efrem is having a good baseball season too, batting 500 in league games (9 for 18) and second in the league for RBIs. His coach is very thankful to have him! In fact, if Efrem weren't playing, he wouldn't be coaching. The baseball finals are the 23rd of this month.

Our Signatures