La Lumiere
October, 2017
First day of school.

If you've been wondering what's in store for me, Dan, here's my best shot at explaining. Right now I'm in training with a very specific goal in mind - creating animated videos to help share the gospel, initially to bring people to The vision is to have short videos that ask good questions and draw up spiritual thirst, then lead them to gospel centered answers. Why animated videos? I've noticed that partial or full animation is being used more and more. My desire is that what I create can be easily adapted over different countries and cultures - just read the script in a new language and, voila, more people are reached. If it's done thoughtfully, an animated video can bring a point to life regardless of the language. So, I am climbing my way up the steep learning curve of the Adobe suite, learning more and more about After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. I am thrilled to be taking courses on (thanks Carl!) as I learn about the many steps in the process of creating animated videos: scripts, storyboards, illustration and animation and audio. These are things a team of people would normally specialize in. In the course of helping prepare graphics for the upcoming hackathon, I opened up Illustrator for the first time and am seeing lots of potential. An added bonus is that May and I are in the same room, kitty-corner to each other in the office.

One hungry caterpillar.

A hungry caterpillar visits our garden.


  • for 500 years of reform, for scripture, Christ, grace and faith!

Please pray

  • for the upcoming hackathon! October 20-22.
  • that even more people sign up, that everything goes smoothly, and that it be a profound blessing for each participant and each project worked on.
Chrysalis on water container.

Maybe the same caterpillar!

Highlighting 500 years of reform.

Highlighting 500 years of reform.


Half a millenium, on the dot. That's how much time has passed since Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg marking the beginning of the protestant reformation. Here in France, we're making a big deal out of it! Why? For starters, protestants make up only 2% of France, compared to about 50% in the United States. And Protestantism has a profound impact on France and the world. Cru staff in Rennes have collaborated with pastors and historians to create an exposition to highlight the importance of the reformation. Taking its viewers through historical, theological and sociological points, the exposition gives a great panorama. Today we appreciate reading our Bibles in our own language thanks to the reform. Five of my favorite panels stress the authority of scripture, Christ, grace, faith, and giving God glory. Today, we hopefully live these realities, but 500 years ago people were being persecuted and martyred for these beliefs. Lastly, the exposition speaks of the Reform's impact on society, how each of us has freedom of conscience, starting with the personal dialogue God has with each believer through the Bible. The Reform ascribed equality and dignity to each and every person, a principle that became engrained in democratic government and our beliefs in human rights. Protestant ethics have been a blessing to many people! Here in Rennes, we hope this exposition and all of the events associated with it will be a blessing too.

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La Lumiere
September, 2017
Looking up at the eclipse.

Our summer

Here is a quick recap of the past couple months, in numbers!


eclipse viewed, from the departure terminal at the Denver airport.


professional baseball games attended.


churches visited and colleges explored by Silas and May.


vehicles Silas had a chance to drive (including motorcycles and tractors).


flights taken………


states visited, having at least spent the night.


cousins seen! For the first time ever, all of the grand-children were reunited for Dan’s Grandpa’s funeral.


boxes of French cookies given away. Wish we would have had room in our luggage for more!


beds our family slept in.


miles driven, at least! That’s 7858 km for our friends in the rest of the world.
Silas driving a VW bug
Go Rockies!
Dan with his brother and dad at a Colorado Rockies game!.


  • for safe travels back to Rennes.
  • that God provided a venue for the hackathon!

Please pray

  • for the many additional hackathon details to plan.
  • that lots of people sign up and are blessed by the event.
Visiting MIT
Silas and May visiting MIT.
Dan's cousins, all grandchildren of Harlan Henry.
May with her sister April
May with her sister April.

Thank you for all your prayers for finding a location for the upcoming hackathon. God answered your prayers, we have found a good location! It’s well equipped and a fair price - but not in Paris. It’s in Lyon. But Lyon is a good option, being relatively central and easy get to. Finally we can get the word out for the event! There are still lots of details to prepare, however. Please continue to pray.

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